What They're Saying

I just wanted to say that we LOVED Karen Rae.  She was so wonderful.  All the students had a great time listening to her and interacting with her throughout the story.

--Patti Davis, Ben Franklin Elementary PTO President

I especially appreciated the way you involved and talked to the kids!  Thanks again for a marvelous performance!”

--Amy Randall, Monte Vista Unitarian

Your program was truly amazing and you put so much love into your performance…the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen.

--Marie Navrotska-Poff, Mission Viejo Library

Riveting,..children were spellbound!  Their eyes were popping out of their heads and they wriggled (appropriately) in their seats.
—Marion Mitchell-Wilson, Inlandia Institute

Contagious energy! —DP, Riverside Art Museum

I was struck by the transformative power of this kind of program. Especially pronounced was the change on the look of the faces of the adults who, for a while, stepped into another world and lightened and filled their spirits.
—Karen Delshad, Fairview Branch Library, Santa Monica

The kids talked about your show for days!
— Jenny Wren, Hollydale Library

Thank you for the wonderful performance! I can see why people are so entranced with you! You're fabulous!
—Nell Ramsay, Beaumont District Library

Thank you for your beautifully presented program at the Fairview Branch library.  Your energy and storytelling techniques helped weave a magic spell that kept both children and adults enthralled.  You are a highly skilled performer with a great deal of heart.  Thank you for sharing some of it with us and your Giant.
—Sylvia Anderle, Fairview Branch Library, Santa Monica

What distinguishes a truly 'creative' teller is her ability to create something so deliciously new and unique with words and art so traditionally and classically celebrated.  I was mesmerized; and your playful ways of getting us involved as only you can do added such wonderful balance to such a mysterious and profound tale.
—Jim Cogan, Tellabration

Thank you so much for your hilarious and creative program…You were… just mahvelous, simply mahvelous! We always expect a good show but you have outdone yourself…I’m still laughing.
Linda Johnson, Beaumont Library District

Karen Rae Kraut is a delightful and thoroughly professional performer. She worked with Mary and me, via e-mail and telephone, arrived early, set up her own stuff (quite a bit of stuff, by the way), was ready to go on time, and was extremely supportive and appreciative of the responses from our young children in the audience. Everyone was enthralled with her “flea circus.” If you’ve never seen one, you must see Karen’s. Totally fun. Kids were rapt with attention, their mouths hanging open and their eyes…well, “as big as saucers” would not be an understatement.
Sharon Nicola, Tustin Branch Library

You are simply the best…you bring a sense of delight and laughter…
Bonnie Weber, Whittier Public Library

I loved the big Giant story…I loved the singing, I loved the part that we stand up and did the far far far dance.
Amanda, second grade, Ford Elementary School

Thank you very much for your wonderful performance…The kids loved the dancing, storytelling, and especially the music, as well as your interaction with the audience. It was a hit!…We will welcome you again any time.
Quartz Hill Library

Thanks so much for creating the moment of magic that I enjoyed with my five grandsons at the story time… Please let Karen know that I asked the boys how they liked it and they chorused over and over – That was Awesome!!!
—Rowe House Concert, Riverside

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