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Listen to the Rhythm of the Deep Blue Sea
Songs and a musical sound track amplify the adventures of a young fisherman who travels to the Sea King’s palace.  Children will help build a living mural of ocean layers and learn the art of underwater yodeling!

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Don't ever step on a snake

Don’t Ever Step on a Snake
Snake plays the lead in this lively musical story theatre program featuring the animals of the forests and the bush.  Kraut will offer up snake songs and stories from Australia, Nigeria and the USA sparked by a soundtrack provided by virtuoso musician Jay De Angelo on keyboards, guitar and didgeridoo!  For families and children of all ages.

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The Hungry Giant
Karen joins forces with guitar and keyboard virtuoso Jay De Angelo in THE HUNGRY GIANT.
What do a wolf, a salmon, and a blackbird have in common with a boy and a cowgirl princess?  They are all in danger of being eaten by the hungry giant! 
Enter the enchanted forest at your own risk in this Norwegian folktale overflowing with movement and music.  Samples from the music of Grieg’s Peer Gynt, Wagner, Pink Floyd and the Beatles are complete somehow when you add Cowgirl yodeling and a life size wolf, salmon and blackbird!
For families and children of all ages.

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I Dream a World
Meet fantastical  dreamers who make their wildest dreams come true in these stories and songs, all framed by a glorious 10’ x 10’ backdrop of a skyscape with moon and clouds. Kids will learn the dream dance and lots really good reasons to go to bed on time! Stories and activities for the whole family!

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I Wanna Be a Dog

I Wanna Be a Dog
A one-woman variety show of stories, songs, riddles and poems that chronicle the antics and adventures of our four-legged friends.  Stories from Tanzania, the U.S. and Mexico. Music, songs, lots of audience participation, bi-lingual.

For grades Pre-K to four, families.
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