Workshops designed for
Early Childhood and K-6 Educators.

Way Out West in the Hanky Pank:
Songs and Rhymes with Moves that are Great for Your Brain.

Learn how to combine a song, rhyme or poem with powerful movement patterns that refresh and focus, prepare your students for learning and promote appropriate behavior and social skills. Karen learned The BrainDance from internationally acclaimed choreographer and dance educator Anne Green Gilbert. Learn how to adapt and apply these movement skills to invigorate and harmonize your classroom, library program or home. 1.5 to 2 hours
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Storytelling, the Foundation for Listening, Speaking and Reading
This introductory workshop shows how to find, learn and tell a story. Participants will leave with eight or more new stories they can tell right away, and lots of tips on adding movement, songs, props, and more. 1.5 to 8 hours
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Jump Jim Joe, Tap Your Toe:
Great Movement and Music Activities for Early Learning

This workshop explores activities that build foundational movement skills that lay the groundwork for later learning, language, and social development. Take home songs, dances, and some serious new moves! 1.5 hours
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Stories, Songs and More for World Holidays

From the Nigerian Yam Festival, Cinco de Mayo in Mexico and NoRouz the Iranian New Year, this workshop will show you how to use stories, songs, dances and lively activities to bring these holidays to life for your students. 2 hours
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